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VESTAMID® X7297 black 9.7507

Evonik Degussa GmbH  
 Technical Data   


Plasticized, impact-modified, heat- and weathering stabilized PA 12 compound for extrusion

VESTAMID X7297 is a plasticized polyamide 12 compound with heat and light stabilizer for the extrusion of flexible tubing and hose especially for automotive applications and particularly for the extrusion of multilayer tubing 4300.1, 4500.1, 4540.1, 7000.1, 7040.1 and 7440.1.

VESTAMID X7297 is characterized by easy processing as well as high impact strength at low temperatures. VESTAMID X7297 is recommended to attain an excellent bonding with modified ETFE and VESTAMID SX8002.

Properties of compounds based on polyamide 12 vary little with changing humidity due to low moisture absorption. Parts made of this semi-crystalline material are characterized by exceptional impact strength, low coefficient of friction and good chemical resistance.

It has to be noticed that material data measured on test specimens of a separate compound do not provide sufficient information to draw conclusions on the final performance of the multilayer tubing.

Information on design of MLT and on processing is contained in the product information about the corresponding MLTs.


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  • 低摩擦系數 • 可加工性,良好  
    • 耐氣候影響性能良好 
 性能特點 • 改良抗撞擊性 • 可粘結性  
    • 熱穩定性 
  • 經增塑 • 良好的柔韌性  
    • 吸潮性差 
  • 抗撞擊性,高 • 耐低溫撞擊  
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 物理性能  額定值單位制 測試方法 
 密度  1.02g/cm³ ISO 1183 
 機械性能  額定值單位制 測試方法 
 拉伸模量  400MPa ISO 527-2 
 拉伸應力 (屈服)  27.0MPa ISO 527-2 
 拉伸應變   ISO 527-2 
 屈服  35%  
 斷裂  > 200%  
 沖擊性能  額定值單位制 測試方法 
 簡支梁缺口沖擊強度   ISO 179/1eA 
 -30°C, 完全斷裂  6.0kJ/m²  
 23°C, 局部斷裂  130kJ/m²  
 簡支梁缺口沖擊強度   ISO 179/1eU 
 -30°C  無斷裂  
 23°C  無斷裂  
 懸壁梁缺口沖擊強度 3 (-40°C)  無斷裂 SAE J844 
 Impact Strength   DIN 73378 
 -40°C  No BreakJ  
 23°C  No BreakJ  
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VESTAMID® X7297 black 9.7507
Evonik Degussa GmbH   
  補充信息 額定值單位制 測試方法 
  Hoop Stress - at Burst  DIN 53758 
  23°C 24.0MPa   
  100°C 10.4MPa   

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3 tubing 6x1mm


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