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High viscosity, self-extinguishing PA 12 compound, free of halogen and phosphorus

VESTAMID X7166 is a heat stabilized PA 12 compound containing a non-migrating flame retardant, free of halogen and phosphorus. VESTAMID X7167 complies with the requirements of FAR 25.853 or ABD 0031.

Due to the halogen- and phosphorus-free flame retardants, VESTAMID X7166 is especially suitable for interior parts in aircrafts, railway vehicles and ships. It can be used for extrusion as well as for injection molding.

For guidance about processing of VESTAMID X7167 please follow the general recommendation in our brochure „Handling and Processing of VESTAMID". Due to the flame retardants, melt temperature should not exceed 260 °C. We recommend melt temperatures of 210-230 °C.


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 性能特點 • 磷含量,低(到無) • 移動性低到無 • 自熄 
  • 無鹵 • 粘度,高 • 阻燃性能 
 用途 • 飛機內飾 • 汽車內部零件  
 機構評級 • FAA FAR 25.853 • FAR 25.853  
 形式 • 顆粒料   
 加工方法 • 擠出 • 注射成型  
 物理性能  額定值 單位制 測試方法 
 密度  1.05g/cm³ ISO 1183 
 機械性能  額定值 單位制 測試方法 
 拉伸模量  1700MPa ISO 527-2 
 拉伸應力 (屈服)  48.0MPa ISO 527-2 
 拉伸應變   ISO 527-2 
 屈服  5.0%  
 斷裂  > 50%  
 沖擊性能  額定值 單位制 測試方法 
 簡支梁缺口沖擊強度   ISO 179/1eA 
 -30°C, 完全斷裂  6.0kJ/m²  
 23°C, 完全斷裂  9.0kJ/m²  
 簡支梁缺口沖擊強度   ISO 179/1eU 
 -30°C  無斷裂  
 23°C  無斷裂  
 熱性能  額定值 單位制 測試方法 
 0.45 MPa, 未退火  130°C ISO 75-2/B 
 1.8 MPa, 未退火  50.0°C ISO 75-2/A 
 電氣性能  額定值 單位制 測試方法 
 體積電阻率  > 1.0E+14ohm•cm IEC 60093 
 可燃性  額定值 單位制 測試方法 
 UL 阻燃等級   UL 94 
 1.60 mm  V-2  
 3.20 mm  V-2  
 極限氧指數  > 26% ISO 4589-2 
 可燃性 3  Successful  
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Evonik Degussa GmbH  
  注射 額定值 單位制 
  加工(熔體)溫度 210 到 230°C 
  擠出 額定值 單位制 
  熔體溫度 210 到 230°C 

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3 ABD 0031


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